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About ShadowBox Pictures

ShadowBox Overview
Since 1987, ShadowBox Pictures has offered outrageously disciplined creative and turnkey production services for marketing programs and corporate brands, their agencies, business colleagues and consumers. This ability to create consistent success for our clients, is grounded in over 20-years of experience producing film & video for specialized industries. Today, our service divisions can seamlessly plug-in to your existing project team, or take the lead.

ShadowBox Studio

ShadowBox Brings Success
Our ability to consistently make successful work comes from over 20 years of experience. Our projects have generated over $800 Million in sales. We have worked hundreds of corporate and business 2 business videos and applications. Our credit list includes work for: Johnson & Johnson, Church and Dwight, Dish Network, L.A. Weightloss, Turtle Wax, GSW, Merck and Tylenol to name a few.

The essence of what ShadowBox offers is a fresh imaginative approach with extensive historical knowledge that creates a style, a brand, an image and an unforgettable impression. We continue to write, produce, and bring to life extremely successful work year after year. In fact, in the last 12 months, more than 30 leading companies, agencies, and distributors chose ShadowBox to develop their campaigns, moving the needle, and producing a strong ROI. ShadowBox has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry including creative, HD production, 3D animation, post-production, product marketing, and product offers.

Senior Staff
Our team of directors, writers, cinematographers, animators and editors work together to offer each client the experience, enthusiasm and determination to satisfy their story needs. Click Here for more information about our key personnel.
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Storytelling expertise
From pictograms in stone-age caves to the complex multi-channel narratives of the digital age, people continue to understand their world through stories.

Fresh Approach Video
ShadowBox Pictures expertise is to tell your important story with our compelling images. We do this by looking beyond our light meters into the deeper context of the message, finding visual touch points to connect with your audience.

The ShadowBox team draws upon years of experience telling many different kinds of stories to offer clients the added value of our independent ideas and a fresh approach. Here are some ways in which we integrate our specialty disciplines.

Grounding Storytelling in Communication
Whether you understand it as a science or an art, communication requires discipline.. making sure that no part of your visual story is superfluous. The ShadowBox Pictures team continually examines our creative choices to make sure they continue to align with the purpose of your communications objectives.

Story Telling and Communication

Best Technology
Investing in Professional Technology
Today's production and distribution techniques are dependent upon a broad spectrum of technologies. ShadowBox Pictures invests in the technologies we feel bring the highest quality to your origination media, through to the final master. That's because the clarity of an effective story can easily be blurred whenever there is unwanted noise in the process.

Offering Relationships That Get Things Done
Agencies like our no-nonsense attitude and array of creative and technical resources. Other clients come to us with an objective - and no idea how to get there, like hiring that unreachable celebrity spokesperson they always wanted. ShadowBox Pictures prides itself as a company that can get things done. Our customers bring valuable products and services to the table. What we bring is our production experience, cross-media expertise, technical proficiency, and solid relationships that have been developed in all branches of the advertising, entertainment, corporate communications, and DRTV industries.

Discover ShadowBox For Yourself
Browse our website to find more information about our services, experience, and examples of our work. Contact us today to tell us a little about your project or production needs! A short, informal conversation will start to make it clear if ShadowBox Pictures is the production company for you.