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What Is ShadowBox Medical?

ShadowBox Medical is a division of ShadowBox Pictures. Our Medical devision specializes in full-service Medical, Pharmaceutical, And Scientific 3D Animation, Video Production, And More. All of our services are custom made for your needs. Creating beautifully rendered medical animations, filming medical professionals and actors, or developing engaging tradeshow content or mobile applications. Our diverse range of services are sure to help you reach any crowd, at a budget you can afford. Browse our specialties below:

Medical Animations

Medical Filming

Device Animation

Product Demonstrations

Motion Graphics

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DR-5 Receptors and Cell Wall
T-Cell Animation
Disc Formation Animation
Second Disc Formation Animation

Medical Animations...

ShadowBox has been designing beautifully rendered 3D animations for over 20 years. Whether you're interested in showing how an active pharmaceutical ingredient works, educating patients, or explaining a mechanism of action (MOA), we work with you through the entire development process. We begin by developing a script, designing story boards, building characters, making animatics and pre-visualization, then fully rendering the animations. Making tweaks and revisions all along the way. Ensuring you are thrilled with the final animation. We can also plug into any part of the process that you need along the way. Our 3D artists have experience in 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave 3D, After Effects, ZBrush, and many more applications!

These are some of the areas we specialize in:

• Mecical Simulations

• Patient Education

• Emergency Care Instruction

• Surgical Training

• Pharmaceutical MOA

• Cellular and Molecular Animations

• Cardiology

• Electronic Learning

• Working with your team to develop something new!

ShadowBox Medical 3 Minute MOA Play Button
Doxil Medical Animation Play Button
ShadowBox Medical Dyax Corp Animation play Button
Medical Microspheres Dissolve Animation
Medical Microspheres Dissolve Animation Background

Video Filming...

Sometimes you need to film medical professionals, patients, or actors in order to best get your message across. We offer a wide range of approaches to reach your target audience. We do casting, location scouting, filming, editing, and post production services to get your job done on time, and on budget. We film in crystal clear 4K raw video, ensuring you get the highest quality video possible. We also offer green screen shooting, and digital background creation to get even more creative results! Take a look at a few of our samples below, or Contact Us for additional samples and a Free Quote!
Childhood ADHD Educational Video Play Button
Urologic Oncology Roundtable Discussion Video Play Button
Tylenol Cold And Flu Educational Video Green Screen
Doctors Background
Doctors in White Labcoat
Doctors in Scrubs Front Layered

Medical Device Animations...

Explaining how a medical device works can be hard, but showing it is easy. Whether you're launching a new product, promoting a medical device, or teaching a medical procedure, ShadowBox Medical is here to help you get your message accross, fast and easy. ShadowBox Medical can help you grab prospective buyers' attention at tradeshows, websites, mobile app, and more! Here's an example of one of our successful videos used as a tradeshow loop. There is no audio. As the video is designed to easily explain how the device works for medical professions just with visuals.
device Play button
Medical Device Animation Spine Vertebra Surgery

Product Demonstrations...

Animated product demonstrations are a great way to explain how to use your product. Whether it's an explanation video for patients or medical professionals. Not only is an animated product demonstration often better to explain how to use a product, but it can easily be updated later to include new packaging designs and product changes. Here are a couple examples used for Risperdal® Consta® and the Foradil® Aerolizer®:
Play Button
Play Button
Risperdal Consta Product Packaging Demonstration Video

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics can be used to tell a story simply and easily to any audience. We use them to help describe complex topics in a way that's easy to understand and relate to. Often using simple designs, shapes, and illustrations as a fun and engaging way to explain concepts and ideas. Often taking much less time to animate and produce then other videos. Which can save you money and time. Take a look at some of our examples to see how our motion graphics can help you.
Paper Background
Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Educational Video Blue Cross Play Button
Animated Timeline Video
Prediabetes Educational Video Prediabetes Animation Play Button
Corporate Video History Timeline Animation Animated history timeline play button
ShadowBox Staff Background
ShadowBox Medical Colored Logo
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